Beauval zoopark

Beauval ZooPark

Wave to the hippos in the equatorial dome, roar at the tigers in the big cat woodlands, watch the giraffes in the African savannah... Meet over 35000 animals at Europe's best zoo!

Terre de dragons

Terre de Dragons

Professor Sheppard can prove that dragons exist, but he has mysteriously disappeared... Go on an extraordinary adventure amongst crocodiles, alligators and cameleons to find him!

La Vallée des singes

Vallée des Singes

Enter the fascinating world of monkeys in this unique park. Here there are no cages of fences, the primates are only a few metres away...

La Haute Touche zoopark

La Haute Touche zoological park

La Haute Touche is home to over 1 300 animals from all 5 continents! Start off your visit by car like an African safari, then finish up on foot, by bike or by horse-drawn carriage.